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 Designing a commercial space? 

Custom design, custom made, unique to each installation. From hotels to restaurants, and other public spaces, a fire feature is the heart of every warm and inviting space. Special requirements, unforeseen challenges, 24/7 commercial use – no project is too complex

Innovative design, handcrafted with care, unique to each installation. From private luxury homes, to hotels, casinos, restaurants, and other public spaces, a fire feature is the heart of every warm and inviting space. No other manufacturer has had such a consistent and dramatic impact on design trends. Many of the innovations taken for granted in the market today were originally developed by the commercial fireplace engineering team at Montigo.


Montigo leads the industry in the development of new technologies to improve safety, enhance and work with the latest design styles, and increase performance. Over the past 40 years, many of the inner components of each Montigo fireplace have been engineered and re-engineered, resulting in the most efficient operation and the nicest looking flame on the market.

Safety is paramount to the engineers at Montigo, and exceeds the testing standards required by regulatory bodies through employing multiple built-in safety controls. Every unit passes through extensive pre-shipment testing at our in-house CSA accredited laboratory and leaves our factory bearing the CSA logo.

In addition, every Montigo custom fireplace is enhanced with our proprietary COOL-Pack or Power COOL-Pack system. With two layers of glass and a cooling air wash between them, there is no need to obscure the beauty of the flame with a screen to keep the public safe.

Unlimited Installation Possibilities

Architects, designers, and homeowners alike, will appreciate the ability to feature fire in just about any location. With our proprietary power venting system and team of expert engineers, a Montigo fireplace can be installed anywhere – even 550ft away from the closest venting location!




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