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Wall Panel Systems

  • Dimensional Wall Mantle

    Dimensional Wall Mantle

    A unique mounting system allows for this unique design, which combines tiled panels of different sizes for a unique modern look. 

  • Four Panel Wall Mantel

    Four Panel Wall Mantel

    Make a statement with the smooth, clean look of our four panel design. Each wall is strategically designed by our C.A.D. team to best fit your room and setting.  

  • Glass Wall Mantle

    Glass Wall Mantle

    Set your room apart with our elegant glass wall panels. Achieving a modern look is easier than ever with our simple track mounting.

  • Horizontal Mantle

    Horizontal Mantle

    Articulated in interlocking horizontal bands, our horizontal panels create strong lines and shadows that compliment the trendy linear design. These panels can be made as narrow or as wide as the desired style.

  • Porcelain Fabric Mantel

    Porcelain Fabric Mantel

    Porcelain tiles mounted with a thin metal frame make this modern wall unique. Provides a textured look that sets it apart from many glass and metal styles.

  • Shiplap Wall Mantle

    Shiplap Wall Mantle

    A non-combustible metal solution for the extremely popular wooden shiplap look. Other benefits include weather resistance for Outdoor applications, and ease of install!

  • Tile Wall Mantel

    Tile Wall Mantel

    Tile Wall panels are individually cut in proportion to the wall or space being covered. Each tile has a precise laser cut edge, and are placed close together resulting in tight joints and clean lines.  

  • Vertical Wall Mantel

    Vertical Wall Mantel

    Visually heighten the feel of the room with our clean vertical design. The rich texture of our powdercoat and hand-finished premium finishes reduce the need for additional artwork.